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Chinese tailor - information extracts:

General introduction

Chinese tailor is an especialness within the field of making China clothing. In former times Asian clothes were specific tailored for individuals. Today Chinese people don't use a tailor to get new Asian clothes. But some persons still desire to wear Chinese tailor-made clothes, so that tailoring after all has a well significant function in the society. But how custom-making is associated to you? Is it difficult for you to find Oriental clothes according to your measurements in stores? This trouble happens rather often in Hong Kong. If you already experienced this difficulty, custom-made clothing will be the solution.


Tailor-made Chinese dress


Chinese custom-made apparel is quite more costly than ready-made, but it can fit completely. Particularly people of Asia generally get smaller body sizes, so it is difficult for them to find clothes which exactly fits when they are purchasing clothes in stores. However, this difficulty will not happen with tailor-made Chinese clothes, because they are produced according to your individual size. Because of this, Chinese tailor-made fashion play a significant part in the daily life of Chinese people.


The social position of a Chinese tailor in the community

There are close links between tailoring and community. The richer a nation is, the more it prompts for tailor-made outfits. As Chinese bespoke apparel, is more expensive than custom-made clothes, the purchasing of tailor-made Chinese fashion shows the economic rise of China. Chinese people are richer nowadays and their income is higher than in former years. A lot of people in Hong Kong do not use to buy expensive clothing, so most of them prefer to buy ready-made items. The economic progress in Hong Kong isn't steady, people are afraid of unemployment so they try to save money for worse times. But the other half of the Hong Kong population likes to purchase tailored Chinese fashion clothes. To finish this preface, Chinese tailors and tailoring playing a significant part in the daily Chinese life.


Chinese tailoring in the past century

Some decades earlier a tailor in Shanghai needed three years to learn how to making a piece of cloth. After this basic study, the trainer let the student take special studies for one to two years. This means it took five to six years to learn the methods of Chinese tailoring. At that time the living standard was low and only few children got the possibility to go to school. So children started to become a clothes tailor in their youth.

But why didn't they select another work? The payment for making Oriental clothes was much higher than for other work. It was around a double of the office employee's payment. Because of this any children from poorer families were going to learn tailoring. This business was an important contribution to Hong Kong as it received much foreign exchange. Western people spent lots of money purchasing the tailored apparel in Hong Kong. Then the business increased, and the amount of Chinese tailors increased too. Some of them did their profession in Hong Kong and some others exported their craft to other nations. A lot of them emigrated to New Zealand, Australia and some to the United States. Hong Kong tailors became well-known in the whole world and the Hong Kong tailoring business reached its top. Today in Hong Kong there are only around 15% of Chinese tailors of the boom time. Their payment is now similar to the payment of an office employee.


Shanghainese tailoring

In Europe custom-making of clothes was first developed in England. During the development of suit, the English also extend their methods and culture to English colonies. In this way English culture was spread to Shanghai in China. During this period Shanghai was a booming city. Many Europeans went to Shanghai. Then the English spread their tailoring techniques too so that the local people learned the tailoring processes. The Shanghai people mastered the tailoring better than the English. The living standard in England was high at that time and the cost for an English tailor was much higher than for a Chinese one. So Shanghai's Chinese tailoring became well-known for its high quality and comfortable prices. Because of the labile regime in China, Shanghainese people could not contact with other countries. And so the best workers in Shanghai spread the textile and Chinese tailoring methods to Hong Kong. Today tailoring of clothes goes from traditional Asian fashion over Chinese silk blouse, Chinese style jacket and Chinese style robe to Chinese prom gown.


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Chinese tailor-made clothes



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