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Traditional & modern Chinese clothing -
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Historical facts about Chinese clothes

Chinese clothing is as both gracefully as it stands for tradition and shows living power. Archeological findings from the Shantingtung early civilization excavated items obviously pointing out that embellishments have been used already at that time. Outfits combined with colors were common; for instance green was used for spring time, the hot seasons color was red, white stood for autumn and the color of winter season was black. Ancient Asian clothing prefered darker shades and a sophisticated scheme of fitting, aligning and opposed colors and shades was used in garments. Nowadays it joins the old motives of luck with the more recent fashion designs of the modern dressing.


Chinese style clothing


Today's clothes styles

A wide scale of remarkable styles for teens and young women's sexy wear is created in today's China, which involves cats, gods and masks of Chinese opera. Fashionable shapes are risingly applying motives and colors from the old Asian outfit. Images, textiles, ornaments, and motifs from old traditions are combined with modern materials and designs to create today's fashionable outfits and Oriental fashion. Traditional clothes from China originate from customary motives and rites. In modern Chinese clothing ancient motifs as dragon, phoenix and flower embellishments, which have been used on garments of emperors, are returning. These symbols and styles on the one hand are beautiful and on the other hand stand for ancient tradition. There was a nine dragon and five cloud symbol which should bring luck to the person, and this symbol today also gets the same importance for this kind of wear.

The combination of recent and old apparel, style and imagery is winsomely and natural. The old-school macramé is widely spread in modern Chinese silk clothes for the outfit's decoration. We can find it on hems, shoulders, buttons, buttonholes, pockets, holes, silk corsetts and edges. For instance the recent wedding tiara is a further established fusion of customary style and fashionable design. In the Hunan province currently can be seen scarfs in old-fashioned red, green and blue ornaments. In general Asian clothes are made of different high quality fabrics, like brocade, satin, cotton, silk brocade and thai silk. Various motives are used for Chinese style clothing, like dragon, phoenix, butterfly, plum blossom, cherry blossom, fish, flower, peony, chrysanthemum, peacock, longevity, bamboo, lotus und you can get them embroidered.


Cheap China clothes online shopping

You can purchase Oriental clothes in the above mentioned online shops for kids as well as for boys, girls, children, men, young ladies, mature women and in plus sizes. On many online shops you can buy cheap Chinese inspired clothes for less than 100 $ or € on sale. Internet web stores often get inexpensive discount Chinese style clothing under 100 $ or € and more cheap sales items.


Ancient and modern styles

On nowadays social events you still can watch men in a sophisticated traditional wide robe. And often ladies dress up an altered kind of garment from the Ch'ing Dynasty. In Asian dresses there are uncountable modifications in size, style and embellishment. Yet the silk producing, weaving and yarning old-aged methods have been refined by recent garment factories. Traditional Chinese fashion as a result gives it's wearers over the whole world the possibility to delight ancient characteristics and modern style in garments. You can compress the same thing though by wearing fashion which has seen lines, and bows around the waist area too.


Chinese silk clothing

The traditional silk garment is apparently varying because utterly anchored and merged with old traditions. Ancient silk clothing from China nowadays will continue to affect recent Asian fashion greatly. Without doubt the Shang dynasty with their weaving, yarning and producing of silk has the greatest impact. From cultural view China is not completely modern nor totally traditional; this is important for the daily life of Chinese people, for recent modifications of tradional garments and certainly for old-fashioned art styles shown as symbols and patterns on modern clothes. Notwithstanding the arrival of Western values impacts China, but modern sexy Chinese silk clothing persists deeply in it's own history and traditional rites. This can be seen in different kinds of clothes like Chinese shirts and Chinese vests for example.


Chinese clothing within the fashion scene

Sexy Chinese apparel becomes more and more popular especially in Western culture. It combines the elaborate elegance of Chinese tradition with unique elements of style. Because of its particular charm it is like a wonderful flower in the colorful fashion scene. Another beauty is that it is made of an high quality material and to varying lengths. It can be worn either on casual or formal occasions. In either case, silk garments create an impression of elegance. With distinctive features silk outfits enjoy a growing popularity in the international world of high fashion. For convenient movement and display of the slender legs of women female Asian dress generally has two big slits at either side of the hem. The slits expose a woman's legs indistinctly when she walks, as if there was a blurred emotional appeal of "enjoying flowers in mist".

Today you can get it with different lengths and kinds of slits (one slit on the side or front as well as two slits). The material: Chinese attire usually is made of excellent materials like silk, silk brocade, satin, satin brocade or velour's. Nearly all colors can be used. Often it gets a certain pattern, such as Chinese dragons, different kinds of flowers, butterflies or other typical Chinese icons (e.g. prosperity, wealth). Asian outfit has close links to social status and identity. Thus a modern Chinese outfit serves as a magnifier for examining transformations in the lives of individuals and communities undergoing change. You can get Chinese dresses for evening, party and cocktail events for both summer and winter.


Chinese plus size clothing

No matter if you are searching for nice plus size Chinese clothing or you are in the store to have a look for new items, you should remember that you can look great in any size. Too often newspapers, magazines and TV tell us that we can only be pretty if we correspond to certain ideals of beauty, but this is not the truth. Therefore you'll see that you can win only when you try to find women's plus size clothes from China that fits. A lot of curvy ladies get problems to find a Chinese style dress that is really suitable for them because they have a bra that doesn't fit them. So at first spend some time to purchase a well fitting bra. You'll see the sharp distinction on your look. When you are looking for pretty plus size fashion, forget terms like boxy and shaky.

Asian Outfit with a beautiful cut is really nice, but formless clothes do not support your appearance. Therefore you should search for Oriental wear that fits. Asian dress that matches to your shape will really dress you up and not nip. When you are searching for most suitable garments, you'll hear a lot about color. The main torso area of your body can actually be made to look more narrow by wearing a belt. But you are not dressing to appear thinner, you are dressing to appear great. Yes, you can wear bright colors if you like them. A lot of ladies look wonderful when they combine some colourful items. Another point that is to be considered for a pretty appearance in great women's plus size wear is the cut of your new habiliment.


Chinese clothing



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