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Asian and especially Chinese bridal fashion -
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Red is the color of traditional Chinese wedding dresses

Chinese weddings are mostly deeply rooted in customs. The traditional color of Chinese wedding dresses is usually red while white color isn't advised. The red color is used in the whole civilisation of Asia. Red is chosen since it is important to many of their subjects. From bridal presents, invites to gowns, red everytime is shown prominently. From the arrangements to the Chinese bridal dress, red always must be apparent. The traditional Asian bridal gown is generally a one-piece gown, called qipao, decorated by wonderful silver and gold accessories.  Southern China brides usually dress up a gown called Cheongsam or Qun Gua Kwa, which is decorated too, explicitly by motives of golden dragon and phoenix.

The Chinese silk wedding dress gets usually red color since red is in Chinese tradition the color of good luck color which prevents bad spirits. In former times the bride's costume consists of a red veil to cover the face on the festivity. Phoenix and dragon silk wedding dress motives represented the harmony of female and male energy.


Traditional red Chinese wedding dress


The importance of the right Chinese wedding gown

The Chinese wedding gown is the most important part of a wedding ceremony, like Chinese prom dresses are most important on a prom evening. Often brides changes up to six times their dresses during one wedding night. Nothing equals the emotion and grace of a red Chinese wedding dress in the festivity. Some pairs of lovers like a themed festivity to complement their traditional Asian silk wedding dress. A wedding is a most important point in your life, because of this the selected Oriental wedding fashion has to display this relevance during the whole festivity. Any bride should take care that the selected Chinese bridal fashion is most pleasant so that she fell well during this special moment in her life.


How to select the most suitable Chinese bridal dress

Selecting the right gown is a highly essential decision, because it is the main part of the whole festivity and so the bride should feel splendid and pleasant in this Asian wedding gown. You will learn skills that should last you for a lifetime's shopping for just the cost of two or three of those items in your wardrobe that you have bought and never worn. It is absolutely important to pay attention to this when selecting the Asian wedding dress. Therefore it's a good advice to purchase from a well-known designer to be sure to get a authentic gown. Certainly everybody should think about their budgets before purchasing such an apparel. Maybe one could think about other possibilities, for example hiring one.

When you do find an item you would consider buying you must ask yourself if it is really the correct item for you. Do you really need it or is the bargain dress you are holding in your hand very similar to the one you currently have hanging in your wardrobe?  These are all useful points to consider when shopping but if you are still struggling to decide which are the best buys for you, then why not invest in a full style and colour consultation with an image consultant.

Next you should establish which body shape you are. Wearing the correctly styled wedding clothes will immediately give you more confidence in your appearance.

Select long Chinese wedding dresses with mind-blowing decorations made of flower patterns. Some embroidery and beadwork can add up to the dress's beauty. The dresses are mostly presented with long low lines; choose cut sleeves to present one in a moderate way. Consider a large selection of marriage dresses that come in different materials, sizes and styles for a Chinese bridal gown. When ordering a gown, always give one's right measurements.


Chinese wedding dress styles

There are a number of dress designs that have been used as wedding dresses in China. The most popular of these is the one piece frock known as Qi Pao. This was and still is popular amongst the younger women getting married. The Cheongsam e.g. is a variation of a two piece dress that was most popular in the region of southern China. The women also wear an exclusively designed head dress during the wedding ceremony. Another element that was always part of the traditional Chinese wedding clothes for men and women was the Chengasm. This was a symbol of a dragon and a phoenix imprinted on the wedding dress. The dragon is a highly revered image in Chinese tradition representing power. According to Chinese tradition the image of the dragon and phoenix together symbolize the natural balance that exists between man and woman.

There are also other styles of Asian dresses arising from the varied cultures that are contained within China, such as Mongolian, Taiwanese, Tibetian, and various minority groups that still find their homes in China. Most still do have the characteristic red that has been part of the ceremonies since probably when weddings were first introduced, during the Warring States period.

Most Chinese wedding dresses are also embroidered with golden decorations, and it is important to note that not just every Chinese tailor can work with golden fabric. For this reason it may be necessary to call in a highly skilled cloth worker, and for this reason it may only be the very wealthy Chinese who use any sort of gold embroidery on their wedding dresses.


Chinese bridal dresses online shopping

In general Oriental wedding dresses are made of different high quality fabrics, like brocade, satin, cotton, silk brocade and thai silk. You can purchase Asian bridal dresses in the above mentioned online shops for young ladies, mature women and in plus sizes. Various motives are used for Asian wedding gowns, like dragon, phoenix, butterfly, plum blossom, cherry blossom, fish, flower, peony, chrysanthemum, peacock, longevity, bamboo, lotus und you can get them embroidered. In many online shops you can purchase cheap Chinese wedding dresses for less than 100 $ or € on sale. Internet web stores often get an inexpensive discount China wedding dress under 100 $ or € and more cheap sales items. The bride can select a Chinese bridal gown with classic adornments looking similar to a bell-shaped gown with a fashioned fitting or lace of satin and decorated with wonderful ruffs or she purchases a long one with beautiful embellishments made of flower motives. Chinese bridal shops are well stocked with jaw dropping designs and styles. Take a closer look at the wide array of stunning red Chinese wedding gowns that can bring good luck and fortune to your marriage.


Wedding dress shooting in China

Wedding gown album shooting is popular in China for many reasons. First, many Chinese young people take Western-style wedding outfits as more stylish and more romantic clothes for the loving moment. And couples want to keep the beautiful memory with a fashion and sweet Chinese style wedding dress album. Second, taking a Chinese inspired wedding dress shoot is one means to dramatize the gaiety of the new couples among their friends and relatives. New couples, especially new brides, enjoy to show their wedding dress albums to people whom they are willing to share with their happiness. Third, as the world's biggest apparel manufacturing place, wedding gowns which come in various levels of fabrics and styles enjoy a relatively remarkable pricing. They can be afforeded even by low-paid people in China.



No matter what we think and what our fashion preferences are, one cannot deny that the world of Chinese wedding fashion is influenced by the designs and fashions of the past. Nothing expresses their romantic affair better than moving back in time. No matter which gowns a bride chooses for her wedding, a bride's dress should bleed away the charm and spirit of the bride in the best way.






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