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Three kinds of Oriental fashion design

Asian fashion designers normally count on fabric designs so that their apparel collections are called solely. Such kind of designs are the work of specially educated fabric designers who design textile motives and prints for apparel and pieces of furniture. Today we count three basic kinds of Oriental outfit design.


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1 Haute couture

The high-fashion clothing is called haute couture, which is a native French term with the meaning of 'high sewing'. Through the time this changed and today it has come to illustrate high end traditional Oriental fashion. It means, that it's price is anywhere between any thousands to few Euro only. Designed for certain customers by "made-to-measure" methods, they are commonly made from high-quality, high-cost material and produced with special care about details and finish. Frequently it is produced with time-consuming, manual techniques. Of special importance is here only look and fit. Cost of fabric and the needed time to produce these clothings don't count- they can reach any category of price.

Principally, sexy Asian inspired fashion haute couture is not a defined term and so it can not only be used by companies which are within special organisations and produce according to defined specifications. A lot of ready-to-wear, and in fact also mass market brands, demand to produce Oriental style fashion haute couture but subject to approved norms, they don't do.


2 Ready-to-wear

This apparel is not produced for individual clients, but nevertheless, manufacturers use great care to choose useful materials and nice cuts. To obtain exclusivity, only few of these clothes are produced. They are relatively pricy but not similar to haute couture. They are made as ready-to-wear collections and shown to the general public during fashion exhibitions. Such collections can be purchased under the own brand of an Asian silk fashion designer or under the brand of another Chinese silk fashion manufacturer for whom they are made by designers. These collections can contain a lot of different garments like day wear or evening wear as well as for men, ladies and teens, but also nightwear, sportswear, wedding clothes till to some accessories.


3 Mass market clothing

For the higher up mentioned two kinds of fashion you have to pay very high prices. They are mostly so expensive, that only few clients can buy these products, but the fashion market generally hangs on mass market disposals. On this market there is a large amount of ready-to-wear fashion with a large number of pieces and in different but standard sizes. Commonly, low-cost fabrics and easy automated production methods are used, but the designs of such China style dresses show creative power. Because of this low-priced techniques traditional Chinese clothing can be made for any customers. The sexy Chinese clothes styles are usually adjusted by the vogue which is set by the well-known brands in China clothes. So they find their consumers at least within one year.


Asian fashion shopping in internet

In general Oriental fashion is made of different high quality fabrics, like brocade, satin, cotton, silk brocade and thai silk. You can purchase it in the above mentioned online shops for kids as well as for boys, girls, children, men, young ladies, mature women and in plus sizes. You can get Asian fashion for evening, party and cocktail events for both summer and winter. Various motives are used for traditional Asian clothes, like dragon, phoenix, butterfly, plum blossom, cherry blossom, fish, flower, peony, chrysanthemum, peacock, longevity, bamboo, lotus und you can get it embroidered. On many online shops you can purchase cheap Asian fashion for less than 100 $ or € on sale. Internet web stores often get inexpensive discount Oriental fashion 100 $ or € and more cheap sales items.


Designing procedures

The procedures followed by most of the apparel manufacturers are more or less similar. First of all, design for the clothing or China dress is made. I think we should state for the nomination of the Chinese silk clothing industry to boost the vogue of garments and apparel industry in this region. Don't forget, that working efficiency in garments and in China fashion were both indexed at high level during the year 2000, correspondend to the reports of United Nations. Also working productivity was growing in higher rates in China than in other nations of Asia. They are then made into sample patterns of fabric or are represented in graphical form with the help of computers. Around 20 - 25% or maybe higher gains in prices are expected on some needs like apparel for childs, warm clothes for the cold season and jeans for example, if new rules will take place. Only few clothing pieces will be not included, like tailor-made Oriental gowns, but the rises will influence many more product items. These finished garments are then pressed, inspected and packaged for delivery. The whole process of apparel making is really very interesting.


Asian silk fashion

Clothes are cut on the basis of markers made according to the generalized sizing measurement of the population for whom the garments are being made. The collar of sexy Chinese silk clothing generally takes the shape of a semicircle. The collar is meticulously made, especially the buttonhole loop on the collar. Today you can get an Oriental dress with different lengths and kinds of slits (one slit on the side or front as well as two slits). It is then sewn into finished items by workers in the sewing plants. Oriental silk gowns usually are made of excellent high quality silk and silk brocade. Nearly all colors can be used.


Fashion in China

The common view of Asian people on their clothes changed a lot - particularly in China. Since some years high-heeled stilettos and cheongsam are in vogue again. People are seeing with positive astonishment that they can buy now not only traditional but also elegant dresses in China. The limits in the rules of the government have gone away. China follows a new open-door political direction which in fact set up a new attitude of traditional Chinese apparel. Through consideration of Chinese clothing styles, the dramatic political changes that have occurred in Chinese society are explored. The clothing styles are like markers of the shifting political configurations 20th-century China. Politics and fashion have always linked together and illustrated the Chinese history.


Traditional Asian fashion

The qipao is usually thought to be a relatively recent development, though that in itself does not make it untraditional. Eventually the men compromised, wearing Manchu styles in life and Ming styles in the coffin, while women were left their own devices. It is still relatively accepted in Taiwan, Asian inspired fashion disappeared on the mainland, except perhaps for formal visits to other countries. In the 1990s, China went through yet another stage of the clothing dilemmas with which it had long been afflicted as a facet. Clothes did not distinguish between male and female or old and young. Enterprises are now divided into state-owned and private, Chinese-foreign ventures and wholly-foreign-owned enterprises. The result is that even women who have the same line of work in different enterprises have different sorts of requirements to fulfill. Chinese inspired clothing can display all women's modesty, softness and beauty. Like Chinese women's temperament, traditional Asian clothing is elegant and gentle, its long-standing elegance and serenity makes wearers fascinating.


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